Monday, 24 April 2006

alive but Dead

was in brisbane over the weekend, with shan yee, her boyfriend, Roger. Went around the city , looked at property, explored the possibilities of settling in brisbane instead of sydney, food, great day, great company. Had a Foodful day.

Attended sunday service at International City Church, near chinatown in Brisbane. Take home message on How to discover your gifts, by Ps Jonathan Mok :
Fire: What or where is your passion?
Furious: What makes your angry?
I haven't found my passion, i feel dead..

This is my last week in Australia.. i dread to go back to my job, to see my colleagues. I don't like my job. I haven't found my way out. This frustrates me. I feel helpless. I can only.. pray and seek God...

I lost my first love, my passion...


  1. dun worry... you will find it... just be patient... it will pop up when you least expect it :)

  2. someone here is expecting you back... Can't wait to see your photos and prepare for the big event comming up...


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