Tuesday, 21 March 2006

They are people around you, you know !

 A lot has happened today and my calmness has been stolen away.  I am not happy,I know, advises are meant to be good for me. I just don’t like to be told off… it’s my pride… and also I feel ashame =((

Found out about the politics at my workplace, I am so innocent and gullible, as Andrew Cheng always said. Miss A tried very hard to keep Miss S ‘s job, as her contract runs out in March. I just found out that Miss A did that so that she can get higher paY as Miss A manages only one staff, which is Miss S. Miss S knows that, but I didn’t. So i finally found the hidden agenda.

I find that few people in my team has been overpaid, including me, while our lovely data analyst, Miss T works like a donkey, yet get less paid and no appreciation. No one likes to be told off, no one likes being screamed at, or even being shown faces from others. Miss A’s tone of voice intimidate me, which I totally can accept , since we are all imperfect. Her presence in my life definitely gives me a constant reminder of alternate ways of communication. As Albert said, sometimes my high pitch  voice provoke his emotion, eventhough i wasn't angry.


Second thoughts : what I do affect others ! I was ashamed  of myself, insensitive toward others. Not too late I hope. I can’t be so self-centred, I need to change. No longer a child. Adult, too many decisions to make and too much price to pay for the wrong ones. I don’t like this…. Change is good, only when others do not have to do extra work for the change that you proposed. Story: I find that the old version of the audit template is lengthy and woolly. I decided to make it more concise and precise. Result, my colleague Miss A didn’t like it, because if I changed it, all of the audits that they do have to be changed. Moreover, I will be on annual leave for the whole month of April. She was right. In the end, I changed all of my format and back to normal. I don’t want they to curse me while I am away.


Third thing : I spend too much time on the phone. Aiks… sometimes I do call home when I am in the office  mar. Aiks aiks.. have to watch my back.. to many eyes and spies…


Argghhhh .. one of those days.. !!!

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