Friday, 24 March 2006

I underestimated yoga!

Went to yoga last week, it's called Ashtanga Yoga, the high power one, and that was my first yoga lesson in years. Outcome: every single muscles in my body sore !! especially the back, shoulders, hips. Could hardly walk! for three whole days. Can't believe it ! No running on the threadmill, not much sweating, not much panting, gasping for breath, YET end up aching for three whole days.
Yesterday went to this lesson called Body Balance, a combination of Tai Chi, Pilate and Yoga. . Today, i am aching as well!!! must be the tai chi! haha . go on laugh at me. my thighs, my shoulders, my triceps.. good, i feel alive ! it will be another 3 days before i can go to the gym again...

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