Thursday, 9 March 2006

Hair Cut anyone?

No Joke!

I must tell you what happened yesterday, I cut albert’s hair!!!

Albert has been complaining that he needs a hair cut badly. So I volunteered, eventhough I had no past experience or qualification. I was surprised that he was willing to take the risk. I was excited, had a scissors on my right hand, and the comb on the left. Worked on the hair near the neck.. but ALAS¬!!!!! Disaster!! It wasn’t straight at all, Have you seen artwork done by a kid? Where they cut a straightline with their scissors without following a straighline? His hair was like that! No kidding. I was scared. It looked ugly. After the straight line attempt, I needed to layer his hair, albert taught me how to do it, but I told him I don’t dare to cut it. He was frustrated. “What? You decided to quit and leave my hair like that?” The project ended.

I searched on the google “how to cut hair” or “ instructions on cutting hair” attempt failed.

I feel like enrolling myself and start learning. It amazes me how hairdressers manage to have different hairstyles while I struggled even to cut the hair short!!!

Albert went to Chinatown today to get his hair cut. He said the hairdresser will laugh at him. I replied : “Just tell them that you have a friend who is learning how to cut the hair”

Go on, laugh at me.



  1. Haha, Irene, Irene. But I shouldn't laugh because many times I had wanted to cut Steve's hair but couldn't muster the courage. I understand perfectly. Though it saves a lot of money if you manage to learn! Especially for guys' hair - they have to get a hair cut almost every month or two!

  2. poor Albert... Is he ready for this sort of torture in the comming years?


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