Friday, 24 March 2006

eyes to see

i am reminded at this very moment to SEE the spoken and Unspoken needs of those around me , the eyes to see beyond the appreance, to standby those who feels lonely, to love those who needs them , to care ..
read this from my friend's blog : opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference


  1. Hey, Irene, you know, this verse 'the opposite of love is indifference' was a quote from the sermon on that Sunday you left to London. It was on Matthew 5:31,32. The sermon was soooooooo good. I do wish you were there.

    It was said, you'd love your spouse when you love her/him, and when you hate her/him. (Hate isn't the opposite of love, instead, indifference is. When you hate your partner, you care for him/her.)

    I think we'd better understand it correctly. Hatred here is more of a struggle and nagging of our own heart rather than the relationship we have with the other one. So, it is safe to 'feel uncomfortable' with your other half, but make sure, you two would work together to go through rather than dispose the relationship easily.

  2. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Let me add further to the explaination: The reason why 'the opposite of love is indifference' is when you define love merely as an emotion, then it's tempting to say opposite of love is hate.

    But when you define the 'highest love' as the bible defines as agape, unconditional love - carrying strong themes of choosing to love even when things aren't perfect (yet) - then one can begin to see why 'the opposite of love is indifference'.


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