Friday, 24 March 2006

buzz buzz

Been super busy this week, meeting friends, my ex-colleagues, niina, meiling and bernadine. Nice and funny bunch, same age range, all pharmacist, one has joined the medics last academic year, enjoying herself.. good times... is my job more than paying my bills? Mei ling asked.. well err... okay.. i answered. Told them about the stories that happened, including those juicy ones that i wrote in here. They laughed. Mei ling asked me to consider working for london transport, tube driver, same salary as me currently, work 4 days, rest 4 days, more holidays, easy job, just dangerous, when bomb happens. hmnn.. worth a thought? neh... can't breathe in those air in the undergroung and come home with black black nostrils. HA! is money everything? NO..

Flying back to KL coming Tuesday. I CAN'T WAIT, i repeat I CAN'T WAIT.. plenty of things to do, wedding gown, print invitation cards, look for wedding favour, etc.. not time to meet anyone.. 3 days to do them all.. then . .sunny sdyney here i come .. ngek ngek 


  1. Irene!! You're back in KL now. I know you're busy and don't have time to catch up, no worries. :) Enjoy your stay this time and see you in June. :)

  2. aiks... just realised that you are in KL too... but think you will be too busy to meet up... oh well, another time then! :)


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