Monday, 6 March 2006

been thinking

been thinking.. is this world all that it is? waiting for death the moment i was born? since i came here naked, and i will leave this world naked. If everything is transient, why do i care? Why do people strive so hard? trying to achieve those that cannot last? Is there hope in this broken ugly world? where there is so much evil? if this world is all that is for me, why do i care people die of hunger? or injustice? or a girl being rapped, stabbed, killed and chopped into pieces? If this world is all that is for me, i can do what i want, so can you, so what use is the law and so-called common good? if there is no Superior Authority, why is killing wrong? why is cheating wrong? or do you think it's right? we are all equal, am i obliged to obey law? who gives the government or police the authority? We paid him with our taxes. What am i living for ? if this world is all that it is for me? What is the point of working, and earning lots of money, eat good food,  house like a mansion.. and then what? What makes life valuable?
Been thinking..... i would rather choose a lifestyle that believe  this world is not all, i am created into God's image, that makes life valuable, i live by the conduct of code from God who has the authority to define good and evil. I am created for eternity. What i do on earth counts for eternity, and my character matters in eternity.
I shudder at the thought of everyone living on this earth from the first world view.

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