Thursday, 9 February 2006

You Made my Day !!!

A phone call, an e-mail (Thans Chun Leng, Yik Yu, Daphne! ) , a kind word, a card (Thanks Wai Kea! It's on my desk, see it everyday )a hug, comments in blog (Thanks Violet for all these years of sharing my joy and pain),a hand shake..
"Thank you for your support" "Thank you for listening! " (Thanks Kaye)
To be honest, i was very touched when i received an e-mail from Chun Leng. He replied me, which is unexpected. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant surprise. He congratulated me and wish that i have a wonderful time preparing for my wedding. One of the few friends that I grew up with from Chung Kwok to MCKL.
I am a simple girl and i appreciate all this. You mean the whole world to me.


  1. Anonymous2:33 am

    Hey Irene,

    Kim Sunn here...remember me???? that little dude who was your classmate back in MC Sentul days....been catching up on your blog whenever i can...really good to see someone blogging about Christianity...especially someone that i know...Congrats on your upcoming wedding from me and Jenny. May God bless this wonderful union. you remember Chin Hor?? he too has found God and is blogging about his own personal walk with God...check it out at


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  4. kim SUNNN!!!! OF course i remember you!! we were just talking about you during our MCKL London reunion, wiht Taiyan, Shuwen, Trina and Yue Siew. Good to hear from you.

  5. My pleasure dear! Geez... your blog is popular! Even attracted long lost Kim Sunn!


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