Tuesday, 28 February 2006


Went to hackney town hall last week to register our marriage, step 1 of the process. Our notice will be placed for three weeks and if no one protest, then we can be registered as lawful husband and wife. When we went to see the registrar last week, she said she has to ask us questions individually.So i left the room , wondering what questions would she ask.
"Why do you want to marry albert" "Are you sure" "What do you hate most about him? "
To my suprise, after all these anxieties, she asked me what was albert's full name and his full address. That's it! We paid £60 for that filling of application form.
She reminded us that our registration date, which is 15th of March is very important, because that is the date where we are lawful husband and wife. Is that what makes that date important? To me, the meaning of marriage matters more, the significance of two people learning what love means through marriage. Philip Yancey said in his book "Rumours of another world" :
"For most of us, it takes years, perhaps a lifetime, to realize what unity with another person means.We learn each other's strengths and weaknesses, when to probe, when to back off. Over a long time and consiferable effort and prayer, something new has come into being: a unity sealed by God, which enables us to face economic pressure, illness . What affects her affects me, what affeects me affects her. I went into marriage thinking love would hold us together. I learned instead that it required marriage to teach me what love means."


  1. congratulations!! Don't know what else to see. It's really good to hear the process of TWO COMMING TOGETHER!

  2. thank you, and i am glad that i am sharing this with you, every bit of the journey


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