Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Sunday School

I like to write about random things in life... it makes me feel relax and free.
I love my own sunday school days. I used to attend sunday school every week, since the age of 3 and my attendance was 100%, because i love the prize. I used to memorize all the memory verses each week, because i got a star each time i did my homework. The more stars i got, the more chances of me getting a prize from teachers by the end of the year. I remember writing the occasion where i received my prizes in my diary to remind myself. I am proud to say i am a product of Sunday school. I learnt about the truth of the Bibile, and values that were being engraved in my heart. I guess children are able to remember things easier when they were younger, when their brain were "fresh". I learnt how to sing in choirs, act in dramas, i recalled myself being one of the sheep "meh meh" in the birth of Jesus Christ drama on Christmas day. I used to do tambourine dances and chinese traditional dances in church. My childhood was so closely associatd with church. Church life was and is part of me. I was the top favourite flower girl in the church, along with Joshua Ong(he is a boy okay ...), until i grew in size, both vertically and horizontally = P At present, I am a member in the Harvester Band in church, pianist, song lead, and a teached in the sunday schoo.
 And now.. i am going to swim ... to stop myself from growing horizontally... :o write later

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