Tuesday, 28 February 2006

passing time

i feel useful today, especially i mean, being in a foreign country. I went with a diabetic nurse to a chinese patient and i was her translater. She didn't come across as a happy woman, eventhough she has a husband to take care of her. She told us we can visit her anytime as she is at home all the time. She doesn't understand english.
I wonder how does she pass her time? How would i pass my time when i retire? I so much want to introduce to other elderly uncles and aunties in my church. They are so cheerful. Knowing Christ does make a difference, my church pastor is in his 60s and he is so full of vision and passion. He taught us so much in our pre-marital counselling. There is this elderly uncle who always greet me with a smile and shake my hands on sundays.
I would like to visit her again, with Albert , probably and share this good news with her

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