Friday, 17 February 2006

Old Friends

Arrived my desk, switched on computer, clicked on Outlook, e-mails. Shanice Khong Shan Yee mailed me, wrote to share my joy on my wedding which came to her as a surprise as she wasn't informed before. Phone rang, number started with 61, Shan Yee's voice. AHHHHH!! So happy to hear from her, called me all the way from Brisbane, really happy for me. Like wise, met up with Sonia last night for dinner, she was surprised that i was not as excited of me being married as she expected. Shan yee and I had a great conversation.I am very happy that she is happy for me.God has indeed blessed me, with friends who care, my lovely unforgettable chung kwok friends. =) Eternally grateful.

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