Friday, 17 February 2006

Not talking -choose not to or nothing to talk about ?

feels funny with lots of assumption when my housemates don't talk much to me when i see them in the house. Have i done something wrong ? is he/she angry at me? or it's just him/her? Nothing to talk about? One day he/she is chatting as if i am his/her friend,  on other days  , just walked pass me. I don't like this feeling. Just like it's super hot day, the next day it snowed. Weather like this is not healthy to my fragile body. The same way, interactions like this is not healthy to my gentle soul.


  1. Hey Irene, I'm going to tell you to TRY not to be too bothered by this person. If this person really cared about your feelings, he/she would not be so rude as to treat you differently each time you saw each other.

    Anyhow, do not waste your efforts on this person unless you think it's worth it.

    I used to wonder why people treated me badly too. The problem does not lie with you. Sometimes a relationship with someone is just not possible due to fate or personality. So....take it easy and don't be bothered too much by it. :)

  2. thank you for your encouragement

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