Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Job and Life

We did a mind map of our lives. Each one draw out their life, incl. their dreams etc. on a piece of A4 people. Half the group didn't like their job. One drew a icon of gear to illustrate that his job at this stage is very mechanical. Bearing in mind that those who didn't like the job is at the age range of 35-40. I felt less alone. In terms of career for me, this is my stable job, with my target income that i set for myself when i first qualified. Mr. A told his boss that he doesn't want more money. It means nothing to him. I just find it so sad that people work to pay off their bills, their holidays, and for their children. I would like to believe that there is more to work than a paycheck. When God created the world, he told Adam that to take care of Garden of Eden. It's not just work i was told, it's about managing and taking care of the resources available in this created world.
So what is the issue?The issue is Fallen. Fallen human beings, with all our mixture of goodness and ugliness and hence fallen world. How should we cope? How do we find meaning in our work? We have to know who we are working for and our purpose. We lost sight of the big picture and the part we play in it. Loosing sight is dangerous to the soul. We stop being alive....

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