Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Ha Ha

Today i want to talk about sharing of Joy. On 26th of December 05, Albert and I went to Cheong's place for steamboat with other church members. We watched his video taken on his wedding day 11 years ago. It was hilarous!!! The guys danced and sang in the garden and they had a drama acted out. Adrian, who was one of Cheong's "dancer" said that he enjoyed Cheong's wedding more than his own.
Likewise, i am so happy this morning when i heard my friend's good news.
This reminds me of the Japenese drama that i watched last night. This lady is always smiling. Thos who praised that her smile was beautiful were always smiling to her when they said that. A smile will be greeted by a smile in return.
Share your joy with me, i want to feel for you =) Share your pain, you will feel lighter.

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