Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Coping Mechanism


Had our cell group on Sunday. Very interesting observation about human's coping mechanism. Mrs A is a cheerful person but pessimistic about life. We asked her what she meant by that. She uses humour to cope with her sadness.  Say, she is very depressed over some issue in her life, but she will not let herself indulge with her own depression. All the more, she will crack more jokes with friends or have a good laugh over her issue. She has a strong personality. It just opened my eyes to the complicated coping mechanism of human beings

 Another example, Mr. Y didn’t end up in the business field because his uncles were very successful businessman. However, the split in the family was evident after they became rich. Not to say that money is evil. But greed was. Hence, Mr. Y didn’t choose accounting, or finance but ended up in the healthcare. 

A lot of these coping mechanism have to do with childhood and family background. Parents shape their children so much more than they expected. That was the reason why my friend C didn’t want to have children after marriage. She couldn’t handle such heavy responsibility of shaping a child.

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