Friday, 10 February 2006

All i need on Friday Afternoon

All i need on Friday Afternoon is HUMOUR
I almost fell asleep on my desk when my manager came round at 4pm and asked us to call every pharmacy in Islington to find out about oxygen supply and cyclinders they have in stock, not alot, about 10.
Calling everyone and repeating the same thing reminds me of the days when i worked in telemarketing, both in KL and in Scotland. Anyway, i did the usual, until i called the last pharmacy.
"It's irene from Islington PCT here, can i speak to the pharmacist please."
"Hi, i'm irene calling from islington "
"Just because we work in the pharmacy full of drugs, doesn't mean that we are high "
*Ha ha * 

 "You  have a very good sense of hunour, you will make a good community pharmacist"
"People say i will make a good comedian"
"We need more comedian in the pharmacy profession"

We ended up chatting about how i feel about pharmacy as a profession, he gave options like dentist and optician etc..  We ended our conversation. His name is Piyushi. Conversations change the world.

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