Thursday, 5 January 2006

When it doesn�t make sense

Its hard when things or people doesn�t make sense. It doesn�t make sense
1: when people scream when they want to make a point
2: people scream at you when you think you just said something very casual *scratch head*
3: People spit in front of you, or beside you
4: father rapes his own daughter
5: teenagers killing another boy out of disagreement
6: there are plenty of pimps around
7: Suicide bombers thinking that virgins will wait for them
8: people having casual sex as a form of hobby
9: footballers get paid so much when others die of hunger
10: others have photographic memory and I don�t !

all in all, It really doesn�t make sense. Hence, my question is: how do we cope with this life and things around us that doesn�t make sense?

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