Tuesday, 31 January 2006

The Red Day

Happy Chinese New Year to all. I miss home at times like this. Such a joyous occasion to me, of visiting friends, meet up with school friends, play mah jong(something i learnt Christmas 05, but without money, i don't gamble  you see.. ). I didn't celebrate it much over here, had steamboat with church friends on New Year's eve. Planning one with Methodist College friends: this year we have trina chan, lost but found, tai yan, shuwen, shishoong Yue siew. Five of us, reasonable crowd. I hope it will be fun.

Sometimes i feel that i have left such a big part of me in Malaysia:  my childhood memories, my school days, my friends, my family, my relatives and my church friends whom i grew up with. Yes, i know, it's in my memories and my heart. Sometimes i do wonder about my brains, my memories and if i have Alzheimer's disease one day ( memory loss). If that is the case, it makes me think what does all these precious moments mean to me in the end? That explains my camera in my bag, taking photos of casual meal with friends, etc.. i am relying on a gadget to capture those moments because i know i can't trust my brain. Following that, say i really do have Alzheimer's one day, what good are those photos to me? Sorry, sound sad doesn't it? Yes, this is what i think about.

Conclusion that i made? Cherish THIS very moment. PRESENT= now, = gift.  That will translate to my colleagues that i see everyday, my fiance, as life is in God's hands, my church friends, my family. NOW is important to me and i want to capture these precious moments now. That explains why i write my thoughts in here.


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