Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Malaysian Christian Conference

taken during our rehearsal, 31/1/05.Brian with his cancer in his stomach, and sumteam, the one prayed for him. The pen was replaced by a banana in the real act.

Every year, all the malaysian christians gather at a girl's school for 4 days 3 nights to learn about the bible, encourage and pray for each other and have fun. There is always talent night on the last night. This year, unexpected, our group Galatia (or nick name "Ga Lat Tai " armpit in cantonese) came out first.

Our skit was very funny and i am finding how i can store my video clips on the website so that you can click and have a laugh. It's about 3 China angels (instead of Charlie angels) had a mission: to discover what is the secret good news that the Malay Christians in a place called yellowland have been telling everyone. The funny part was that the message from Charlie to the China Angels will self-destruct, it's a sound of a pungeon gas ( ie fart) haha and one of the angels said it's smelly, and i said smell of bak kut teh, the other said nono, smell of hainanese chicken rice. HA HA .. i know i know.. it may not come across as funny when i write the script out, but it was funny okay. So just laugh when you read this. Ha ha. When the China angels arrived at the Malay Christians (meaning malay who are christians, instead of muslim)church, there was a guy who had cnacer and needed healing. So a lady, prayed for him and cancer came out ( demonstrated by a banana from his stomach).. he was the end, the mission failed because the malays refused to share the gospel, ie good news to the china angels.

I came back restored and happy, able to share joyful precious moments with my fellow countrymen in United Kingdom =)

Photos can be viewed from HERE, click on Malaysian Christian Conference

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