Tuesday, 17 January 2006


My buddy from KL, Chu San suggested that I should have a FAQ on love story to save me repeating the stories. Hence I have decided to write it here. If you think that I have left out some questions, mail me and let me know.

Who is he?
That�s a tough one, he is a man, son of Mr. Ngan

What is his name?
Albert Ngan

What does he do?
Pharmacist, in a mental health hospital (I know I know, it�s boring, all we talk about is drugs�. Hmnn maybe)

How did you meet?
That�s a long story. Where shall I start?

Let�s start from the very beginning�.. long long time ago, in the faraway land, lives a man who is green in colour�..

Alright alright, I locum , meaning I do part time in a high street pharmacy from 6pm to 9pm one day per week. My assistant , Alvin mentioned to me that there is another Chinese pharmacist name Albert and asked whether I have met him. Eventhough we both work in the same pharmacy, we never met.

December 2004, I was in Christmas carol choir. One day, when I got on the tube to the church for practice, I noticed a Chinese man sitting opposite me, who fell asleep. Interestingly, we got off from the same station and he followed me to the alley where my church was. Ya, he attends the same church as I do but different congregation. He attends the one in Hammersmith, and I attend the one in Chinatown. During the practice, he didn�t join us for choir, he just sat there and chat with our pastor. So, I noticed him because to me it seemed weird that he just sat there and chat, what �s the point of coming to this practice ?? with lots of question in my head. We didn�t know each other. That was the first time I noticed him. I didn�t know he is Albert, the locum pharmacist that Alvin mentioned, it didn�t connect at that time.

Until one day� I dropped by into the pharmacy at night to leave a message. Albert happened to be working on that night. Then, the staff introduced him to me. Then I said, � you look familiar�� he replied � we are from the same church but different congregation� Ohh� Just short intro, nothing much.

The one day, I called him to replace me to work in pharmacy because I needed to prepare for an interview. I started asking him which hospital does he work in, and he gave me lots of advice and tips and potentials questions. The next day, after my interview, I felt that he has helped me a lot. As a token of appreciation, I bought him takeaway chicken rice from Chinatown and dropped by at the pharmacy at night to say thank you.

Then is how it started.. my mum happened to be in London with me. He treated my mum and I to a Korean restaurant out of hospitality, since he has been in London for 20 years. At that stage, he was treating us as friend. With time and more conversations�. The friendship developed �. And � now we are engaged.

Why do you marry him?
We share a lot of common interest and both of our greatest passion in life is loving Jesus Christ and honouring Him in our lives. We both love eating, travelling, photography, watching hong kong soap and have a good laugh. God is an important element in our relationship, it�s three dimensional. I mean , of course we get along very well.Lots of humour.

When is the big day and where?
We plan to have our church wedding in London, in our church: Chinese Church in London on the 10th of June 2006. You are welcomed to join us., followed by reception

There is a local, ie KL reception on the 24th of June 2006, So watch the space =)

I guess I shall stop here. E-mail me if you have other questions or drop me a comment.

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  1. Wow! Double wow! Congratulations my dear! I am waiting for my invitation! :p


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