Wednesday, 25 January 2006


Correction: Due to the popularity of 1st of April in KL, i could not reserve the venue for my wedding Reception.Hence, my Wedding will be on the 24th of June in KL.

Is he a Malaysian?
No, he is from Hong Kong

How and when did he propose?
He did a lot of groundwork i must say. Two bouquet of flowers sent to my office on two separate days. Then , dinner at Savoy Grill. one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant on Friday night(my birthday , 23rd December). Saturday sunset at London Eye, (which he planned to propose up there, but didn't ... due to the crowd and me who was busy taking photos.. how on earth would i know that he wanted to propose to me there?). In the end, he came over to my place on Sunday, which was 25th of December, said something sweet, then on bended knees, proposed to me.

Were you surprise?
I was surprised about the flowers sent to my office. The proposed part i knew he would be doing it around that time ... so yes and no

Like Violet's experience, my encounter with Albert happened when i least expected. I would never have thought that Albert will be my fiance. I used to tell my friends usually it will happen to guys who are around me. But at that point, before i knew Albert, i looked around at all the guys and shook my head. Lo and Behold, Albert was around, in the same church, in the same pharmacy , in the same area(we live 10 minutes away by car) but we didn't know each other. When God's timing is up, everything fall into place easily. So yes, indeed, like Forest Gump said: Life is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you'll gonna get. My life has indeen been full of surprises. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father, who blessed me abundantly through Christ Jesus.

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