Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Counting BlessingS

Another year has gone by. I can only say that last year has been a mixture of pleasant surprises and spiritual lost.

1: Engaged
The biggest surprise for me is that I am engaged ! I have never thought that I will be engaged in 2005. I was back in Malaysia in February 2005 and I told my friends from secondary school that I will make the best use of my singlehood and enjoy to the maximum and I will only worry about marriage when I turn 30.
Prior to this gift, I had an inkling that when God�s time is appropriate, my love story will be fulfilled very quickly because I believe in arranged marriage, arranged by God as Kia Meng and I always mentioned.

2:. Mum�s visit Spent 3 months with my mum in London and went travelling with her. Had a good time.

3 Spiritual Home
I have finally found my spiritual home in Chinese Church in London, Soho Congregation. We moved into a new building in Shaftesbury Avenue on the 1st of April 2005. I was there during the opening ceremony, playing the piano for the worship team. I am very honoured to be given the opportunity to serve my God in His house as a pianist, worship leader and sermon translation ( from Cantonese to mandarin and vice versa). My mum was in London when I first did the sermon translation. I also feel belonged in this church and build relationship with harvester band members like Angus, Sammie, Leo, Anson and Bernard.

4. Healing
My gastritis is completely healed by God, through unexpected ways : chinese traditional doctor in Hong Kong. I also got to cut queue in the NHS hospital and had my endoscopy done by Voishim, instead of waiting for 3 months.

5. Short-term mission trip to China, Fengdu
God once again gave me the opportunity to serve His people and see the needs of sending workers into the harvest field for the harvest is full but the workers are few.

6. Restoration in Malaysian Christian ConferenceWas reluctant to go to MCC this year, but I went in the end. God reminded me of the vision that I long forgotten and encouraged me to pursue the vision that He gave me. I was struggling with evil and goodness in the world and God. I had a lot of unanswered questions in me. I happened to be there when our speaker answered this question asked by a young believer. He explained it in a simple way and logical way. I was made clear then. During worship, a prophecy given to me few years ago came to my mind. I have forgotten about it. He reassured me that He will guide me, even when I feel so lost and unfulfilled with my life at the moment. I have peace within me now, the path is one step clearer now.

7. Bonded with Galatia, my group in MCC
we prayed for each other, encouraged and shared our spiritual journey. Very encouraged. Ida, Ivan Hoh, Brian Wee, Kenneth Wee, Jay sen, Wu feng, Yang Shu, Sum Tim, Evelyn,

New Year Resolution: To be filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Expected the Unexpected from our Loving God !!!

I believe 2006 will be a fruitful year. Amen Amen (double amen advocated by Brian wee ).

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