Friday, 19 August 2005

blood type diet

Colleague told me about blood type diet.. surfed in the internet and found that those things are quite true. Thinking maybe my stomach is due to wind problem ... rather than IBS... hate the diagnosis of IBS... just a cluster of symptoms that they can't explain otherwise.

Starting from today, i will try 0 type diet, no diary, getting rid of all bread, potatoes, and yoghurt. Doesn't really matter as i am not a big fan of it.. maybe that explains why my symptoms get worse in UK rather than KL. I like KL food !!!

perseverance.... need a lot of them
It all started from yesterday vocal lesson. Emma has a great voice, and I felt small, as usual. I just didn�t feel good and I knew I needed to pray. God has been good to me, he knows what I need. I met lisa and Prasik in the tube, Lisa affirmed me that the song suits me perfectly, and they can�t tell whether it�s my voice or beverly craven�s. I was comforted. Voice is a gift from God, you can go for plastic surgery for your face or body, and slimming for your size, but you can�t change your voice, the only exception is transexual operation. I just have to give thanks for a voice and praise the lord with the voice that He has given me.

I often fall into the trap of self-pitiness esp in london. I walked home after lesson and it was dark and quiet. Thank God Li ping called and she chat with me till I reach tube st.
I am unhappy this morning because Albert didn�t call me last night, I called him and he was sleeping, unhappy because my stomach is giving me problem� and I am very disturbed and sad by it� mainly its my stomach.. I had all three omeprazole, domperidone and mebeverine. Outcome: no improvement.. I am sick of this stomach.. but looks like I gotta live with it.

Tuesday, 16 August 2005

pictionary finally

I had a great sunday. After church, we had lunch with harvesters, terry, sammie, aileen and stephen (new members of the church), Dai fu, Adrian and family, Irene Lau and rod, me and Albert. We had a big laugh, just talking about anything and joke about things that don't make sense... a good laugh for all of us and a cheap dimsum lunch �6 per person.

Following that went back to church, practice with daifu as he is songleading next sunday. After the session, terry, sammie and daifu and i went over to albert's place and played taboo, both in chinese and english and pictionary. Had so much fun. I had always wanted to buy pictionary, now that albert has it, we can play at his place. Then went to Nyonya res. at notting hill for dinner with li ping, sean, terry and sammie and albert. Again, had a good laugh about la ta li la ta li ta pong.. haha.

I am really happy because i get to play games and have a good laugh. Thank god for friends like them. I am indeed blessed.

Wednesday, 10 August 2005

yea smiley face for me finally

WOO hOOOOO!!! After 5 interviews this year, i finally got a job, a perfect job: praise the lord! no more on-calls, no more saturdays, no more working in hospital environment. Yes! I am happy .. yeah yeah

this is my last month or two at SLAM... that is good news.. but i will miss my lovely colleagues, but nothing stay the same forever, don't think they will be in SLAM forever either.. all in all, i am happy..light is finally here... the beginning of a new hope.

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