Tuesday, 20 December 2005

yue siew

Spent my whole Saturday watching HK Soap and rested at home. It seems like I am using the soap to numb myself. I think I am, but I am not very sure whether it�s a form of escape. On one hand, I ask myself what�s wrong with having a hobby of watching tv? On the other, it doesn�t feel right. I feel like I am wasting my life away. But instead of , I haven�t discovered anything else. Imagine when I am 60, all I did beside working, is watching endless HK soap, attending church on Wednesday and Sundays, helping out in children church.
Ostwald reminded me that it�s the relationship with God that counts and everything should flow from that. Am I having a intimate relationship with God? I don�t know. I think of him everyday, I involve him in my struggles and details of my life. I am not sure whether that is close. Do I long for his presence?I Do I long to be encouraged by him? Yes. What does the cross mean to me? Discovering it more each day �
Children presented their puppet show, very sweet. Afternoon Christmas carol at china town and I gave out leaflets. It was fruitful, managed to get to know a Malaysian non-christian student. Told him about Malaysian Christian conference, interested. Shared with the pedestrian about our church location in shaftesbury avenue, including telling elderly Chinese ladies about out fellowship for elderly on Wednesday.
Had lunch with Yue Siew at Wong Kee, told her about the service there, then went to meet Andrew Cheng at Carnaby street But he didn�t turn up. Albert, Yue siew and I ended up in Liberty and had our photos taken. Went to shepherd bush to help siew move her TV, microwave, food processor and telephone, everything for �50. Her boss has a dry sense of humour, he is a german, don�t know how to appreciate that kind of humour.

Enjoyed my time with my old friend Yue siew, never ever thought that i will share my time in london with her. =) God's timing and plans are always full of surprises.

Went to Stanley�s place for dinner with Dorothy, fai, charlotte and bingo. Albert�s church friends, conversations went well, I didn�t have to try, very comfortable. S work for Boots, regional manager, added to the statistics of pharmacists with low job satisfaction.

Weekend is over and I Hate MONDAys.

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