Tuesday, 20 December 2005


I don�t know whether it�s me or other people. Well, I think it�s me.. ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want to scream. I hate teamwork ! not because I am proud or anything, I just don�t like it when I get blamed for things� what else, it�s the newsletter again. I met the deadline which is last Friday. We were supposed to discuss it last Friday, Avni didn�t have time. She was the one who said we will discuss it on Monday. We discussed it on Monday afternoon and I have to edit and make amendments today, Tuesday morning.

She said today :� Oh we are well beyond the deadline. We have to finish our newsletter and give it to sheetal, it�s not fair on her.�

Then, sheetal got stressed and said, the deadline for me is 22nd .

I got irritated and said we only discussed it yesterday afternoon.

Avni said: all I am saying is that we should have discussed it last Friday but we didn�t. � Halo? She was the one who didn�t have time to discuss with US. I HAD the time and WANT to polish up the newsletter. She was the one who said discuss it on MONDAY and just because she has edited her part in the newsletter yesterday at 6PM, she expects me to finish it immediately. RIDICULOUS!

Avni said: � take it easy� after my irritated reply.

This blog is my outlet. I going to write down all my thoughts, including those mean ones. I DON�T CARE !

I learnt something: I will tell my colleague when I am not happy with things. I am not going to smile and always say yes ! *hmhph* Geramnya

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