Friday, 23 December 2005


i have to say surprise is good, only when it worked out well

My friend once told me a story that her boyfriend wanted to give her a surprise and hence ordered a bouquet of flowers worth �100 for her through the internet. She received an e-mail from the florist the next day saying that the order has been delivered. She waited the whole day but no flowers. In the end, she didn't want her bf's money to go to waste, she called her bf to tell him that she didn't receive the flowers and asked him to find out what happened. Of course she didn't know how much it cost. Then, the bf received an e-mail from the company to say that the flowers have been delivered the day before but was turned down by the receptionist because her name was not found in the telephone directory, meaning she doesn't exist. The florist left and sent the e-mail to the bf describing the situation. My friend found out from her bf the story and went to ask the receptionist to confirm her "existence" and wa la, her name was not there. It's the IT Department's job to update every new staff. Her manager should have told IT that a new staff has joined her team. My friend was very disappointed and frustrated because
#1: the company has no contact number at all, just e-mails, hence not contactable in hiccups like his
#2: her bf did write her direct like contact number in the e-mail
#3: Maybe the deliver man was nto responsible
#4: the receptionist can't be bothered, it's not her flowers anyway

After hearing this story from my friend, it makes me think. She indeed receive a surprise as a gift, but not that surprise that was intended. Every decision that we make come with a risk, so is life. NOthing is risk free. Also, the outcome does not always turn out as intended.

Forest Gump was right: " life is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you gonna get."

Life indeed is unpredictable. Someone from our floor cried out loud yesterday afternoon. Her daddy died of heart attack when he was living his daily routine. She burst into tears. Christmas, an occasion of joy and celebration, but a tragedy for someone like her.

We are so fragile and life is unpredictable. What can we really hold on to ? What can we grasp? Material possession, here today , gone tomorrow. So is fame. What is the content of our life?

Life is full of surprises, but i am not afraid because my life is in good hands.My heavenly Father can turn my mourning into dancing, because His presence in my life gives me hope to see things in different light.

Coming back to my friend's story, she is dancing with joy now, not because she received the flowers, but she appreciates all the act of love and effort that her boyfriend showed her.She is surprised how her emotions changed by looking at it from a different light. Surprise !

taken in St. Pancras, my previous job. Entered the hospital photography competition, with the title : light behind bars. Didn't win, but someone actually bought this photo. Boy, am i glad =)

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