Friday, 2 December 2005


It�s interesting how I often relate a person or think of my friends when I see something. There are three things on me that reminds me of my buddy SY.

#1: Blogging :
I can remember very clearly the times when I first started this blog, not knowing anything, SY spent a lot of time helping me, including the template, how to insert netstat and comment link. Those days, back in 2002, the template wasn�t as handy as now. We have to put out comment link manually in the template. I never have thought that it will be come an �in� thing to do. SY was the one who introduced me to this.

#2: SONY camera:
I am a sony fan and I am proud of it. I bought my digital camera last year, and needless to say, it�s SONY DSC V-1. I was influenced by SY because she used to have a sony digital camera in 2002, and it was quite a porsh one with really long lens. She took a lot of photos with it, esp when we went out together and I wished I have one on my own. My ex-colleague Mei, Niina and Bern will tell you how I used to say � It�s a Sony � in the dispensary.

#3: Camper shoe: SY used to have a pair of blue Camper shoe which she wore almost everyday. I remember her telling me if you wanna buy shoe, buy camper. It�s super comfortable. Being a student then, I couldn�t afford �85 for a pair of shoe. When I was a pre-registration trainee pharmacist, I still couldn�t afford. I finally bought it last year Christmas. I bought a pair of brown Camper, where Kaye, my friend bought a pink one. I regretted buying brown because the colour faded soon after 3 months of wearing it. Kaye's pink shoe still looked good. I am still wearing my Camper everyday to work, when I went travelling in HK, China and Malaysia. I thought of writing this because Albert, being a man, showed me how to polish my shoe and he did it for me. Looking at my Camper reminded me of SY.

2002 was my first year in London and it remained my best year till now. I spent most of the time with SY sharing every single details of my life. Three other factors were that I was a happy student , I lived in the student halls with lots of friends just next-door and I didn�t have to cook God has been very good to me, there will always be one person, other than God himself, to help and encourage feeble Irene when she is in London. First year was SY, then Minnie and Kmeng when I was in my pre-reg training days, then Kmeng and Yvonne when I moved back to London. Now that Kmeng has left, it�s Albert and Yan hui. I am grateful.

Oh ,BTW, I need time to get used to eating lunch on my desk in the office. I miss Ipoh HOR FUN !

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  1. Hello! :) You are so sweet! Haha... all the weird things we remember a person by huh?

    Anyway, it's great to see that you are still blogging after all these years... I stopped for the last 3 years, and only got back into action recently...

    I have a great time in London as well... going to Church with you every Sunday... :) Doing lots of crazy things together...

    And, yes... I do miss my pair of Camper shoes... :)


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