Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Party- Not

Friday 16th December
My organisation: Islington Primary Care Trust had a christmas party at 530pm Firday, 10 minutes walk from our office. Staff awards were given to outstanding staff. Went there, sat down, no one to talk to, as I am new, don�t know many people. I had my camera with me which helped me out of boredom and loneliness. It�s so real that I am surrounded by people yet I feel lonely because I can�t connect with them. Spent my time with my faithful friend, �Canon� this time. Left early and watched HK Soap at home which I enjoyed.
I don�t enjoy occasion like this. A: I don�t know anyone, B: I can�t make conversation, it just doesn�t flow, especially when I don�t have any common ground with them C: I don�t drink and I don�t dance
As I grow older, I no longer enjoy going to occasion like birthday party or any party when I don�t know anyone. I don�t know how to make conversation and I am tired of trying. Full stop.

I am tired...

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