Friday, 16 December 2005

lesson learnt: critically appraised myself

wrote most of the articles in the newsletter and will be peer reviewed. Avni read mine and had lots of comments, which wajid, avni and i will discuss it together. I read avni articles and paid a lot of attention to what she wrote. This is good, i have someone to challenge me and i can challenge her, in a good and healthy way, then the team will improve. With that, i found out areas of improvement in her articles which is a good sign, meaning we will not embarass ourselves by sending not-so-good information to the gps and nurses. When i first started this job and was asked to give comment, i didn;t have any because i was new, ( i am now still new) and wasn't critical enough. After that, i read my own articles and criticallly appraised myself as well and found that i too made mistakes. Good sign.. i am on my way !

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