Wednesday, 7 December 2005

JOY bus ride?

got on the bus from highbury as usual, but today with my kukumalu (the brand of the bag)green backpack for my EPACT training at Newcastle, will relax and enjoy myself in the hotel when i am not having training,at last work is beginning to pile up, newsletter and preparing for GP visit next week.

Got on the bus, and guess what? This conversation between a passenger and bus driver was begining to heat up :

Mr, Driver : Get off the bus please, the bus if full ( which to me it wasn't full at all, since Mr European could get on the bus)

Mr. European (from his accent, sounds like turkish) : There is plenty of room for everyone and i have to get to work

Mr. Driver: I said get off the bus, the bus is full

Mr. European: why should i get off the bus? i bought my ticket. You are a racist. Why only me?

The bus driver stopped the bus and everyone was listening .....

Mrs Anger ( a lady passenger) : Just get off the bus, you are delaying all of us

Mr. European: no i am not, i have a travelcard just like you

Mr. Driver: hey everyone, this guy here is delaying all of you because he refused to get off the bus

This goes back and forth for sometime, everyone was stuck ...and more passengers hated Mr. European.

Mrs Anger: get off the bus, before all of us pushes you off.

Mr. European: don't shout at me

Mrs. Anger: you are rude to the bus driver first, he asked you to get off the bus !!!!! ( which i don't agree)

After that, the rest of us left the bus, and caught the next bus, so did Mr. European. Mr. Driver followed him and told the next bus driver that he has called the police and asked him to get off the next bus. Now the crowd who were there with him hated him even more. In the end Mr. European was denied the service by another bus driver all because of M.r Driver.

I was late to work, but that is beside the point. I pitied Mr. European as i think ht was not rude, and he didn't raise his voice. It seemed to me that the bus driver was making a mountain out of mole hill. I don't like the driver. To me, the bus wasn;t that full, if it was, Mr. European couldn't have managed to get on the bus. Also, i think he should just drive everyone instead of refusing to drive and causing this tension, and making everyone in the bus hate Mr. European. I also don't like him because he called the police. Mr. European said the driver was racist, which i have no comment on that because i can't see his heart. Maybe it's just by conincidence that he was the last one, also M.r European was white in colour, if he doesn't speak. Also, by the end of the day , to me, police are still human being and it's still pretty much subjective. Going to the police might not result in justice all the time, ultimately they are still human and their judgement is based on their own bias, perception, value system, own experience. To me, Mr. European was right, why should he get off the bus? there is still room for everyone. Trust me, i have been on the bus that i couldn't even move.

If I was Mr. European, i will try to be soft first and act pity and say " i know it's full, but please can you let me off just this time, i need your kindness so that i can go to work. Please Please. " you won't believe this, but i will first beg. If he refuses, i will ask for his name and get off the bus. I will take another bus and i will write a complain letter to the company. Being in the UK has taught me to put my complaints in writing. No point arguing with him and make people hate you. Like chinese saying, you don't use Gun in obvious, you use Arrow in secret. I said it not in the mean way, just use the method that is most effectively. Be more far sighted.

Well the lesson from this real life encounter is patience. It go heated up because each party demand on their own right, and not willing to let go. So is all frienships and relationships, i can hear my friend saying. It's always give and take. No one is perfect, but subconsciously, we have this expectation that people are perfect and we can't take it when things dont turn out perfectly and we have to train our body system to accept and cope with it. Another issue is SELFISHNESS, with a big I in the middle. YOu have to satisfy me, You have to say sorry to me YOU you YOU. Jesus was such a radical figure that he said Others come first. Giving comes before receiving. Humility not pride. Joy comes from loving and helping others, not satisfying yourself. Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you, forgive them like how Father in heaven forgive you. Love covers all sin, love not hate, bear each other's burden,

Love is patient and kind, It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self-seeking, not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs,does not delight in evil, rejoices with the truth, always protects, always trusts, always hope, always perseveres.

BTW, we can't love without being loved by the unchanging unconditional love. It's only when i am loved that i know the meaning of love, that i can love others with my imperfect love.

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