Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Interesting day at work

Did my first GP visit today, shadowed by Avni, my experience colleague. I admire her in many ways : she is friendly, chatty, vocal as in her points are always heard, bold, efficient, i can count on her, she helped me a lot in my induction and fighting my new pc( ordering a pc in an organisation like mine is hard work, waiting for Mr. Budget to approve, then IT, then facilities to order bla bla). She used to cover my GPs before i started and she knows everyone of them. Everyone likes her and i can just tell. She is casual, good sense of humour, confident, knows what she is talking about...

I, on the other hand, need to learn... GP visit wasn't good at all, i didn't have enough time to prepare, Avni just told me before i left for EPact, and my poor slow laptop can't run EPact, because i have no java installed, had to swap desk with Avni, not comfortable, so my background prescribing info wasn't perfect. A lot of gaps in my knowledge and experience, hence lack of confidence. My ex- chief pharmacist used to say we have to be ocnfident in what you say, whether you are right or wrong. In other words, if you are wrong, you have to be confidently wrong. Till now, i still can't do it.

Common reaction when asked about his particular high prescribing trend on high cost drugs: they blame the locum doctor who is always absent ( not surprised),started by the consultant in hospital, can't swap it, or patient demand that they want to be on it. Now that i work with Gp, i come to know that the real 'boss' is not the doctors, it's the patients. Doctors give whatever the patient wants.I just have to take their word for it. Even in meetings, i notice people blamed it on people who was not at the meeting. Classic human nature : blame and let someone be the scapegoat. Someone just have to be accounted for the wrongs or mistakes. Not a surprise that Jesus was the scapegoat for our sins.

Sometimes i wonder, Avni is a spoilt brat, youngest in the family and i have come to this own conclusion that the youngest in the family are usually the outgoing, chatty ones.Meaning, i hope that with time i can learn the strength in her and build a good rapport with my clients. I hope that with time, i can improve on my negotiation and influencing skills and learn how to comunicate wisely to my valuable clients. i.e. doctors. tough tough..

one thing for sure, i noticed that i am less gullible and innocent now that i am in the real world

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