Saturday, 10 December 2005

Getting Old

another year has gone by, this is the last time i can tick in the 18-25 age range, last time that i can use YOung person Railcard in Uk..

I told Meiling that i am getting old and i can no longer stand the winter in uk as i used to... she laughed. you getting old? you must bs joking.

Signs of ageing in irene:
*1 : i can no longer stay up late when i stayed over at friend's place, or when i attend conference or camp

*2: i cannot wake up late, early wakening at 7 or 9 the most

*3: i think of old days in schools,my childhood friends,and i make an effort to keep in touch with my old friends. I love my old friends because i get really comfortable with them and there is a mutual understanding

*4: i can't stand the cold and i make no plans in retiring in the UK

*5: i miss home..... another year gone, another year closer to see my Heavenly Father..

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