Tuesday, 13 December 2005

External criteria

Had lunch with my prescribing team and Camden PCT (another team) at pizza express. The conversations were very interesting. Talking about single, marriage, divorce. Miss D is single and someone asked her what is the most important quality that she looks for... she said personal hygiene in man. Mr. Kiwi (from another PCT)said he doensn't do much grooming.Then she started asking Mr. Kiwi some questions:

Miss D: How often do you shower?

Kiwi: once a day

Miss D: what about after the show


Miss D: do you use moisturizer after you shave? etc...

At first when she asked about the show, i kinda knew what she meant but not really sure, partly because i couldn't believe she asked that in front of everyone else. After the lunch, our team left and Wajiid a man said that it's too much and the most important thing about 2 people in love is the meeting of two minds. You might get two hygienic people together but they can't get along. I nodded and agreed.

Then, avni said she doesn; agree: she said : i'm sorry but i think appearance count.. then Sheetal said yea, you share the bed with your partner and you sleep with them. Avni then went on and said she get pissed on with men who are shabby and she just doesn't feel like talking to them. Well, interesting conversation, not a new topic. Then went on to make up, not too much but should be presentable and neat.

My view? yes to both. Not too much ont he external, but be a good steward of the body that God has given us, and of course, like MsMatch will say out loud, inner beauty and character is the most important. =) cheers!

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