Monday, 12 December 2005


Wednesday: 2pm:
Took a train from kings cross to Newcastle, slept all the way, 3 1/2 journey, was worried that i overslept, but Thank God, my neighbour is going to newcastle as well, glasgow (Scotland) is the last stop you see... don't wanna end up in scotland..

Wednesday 6pm:
Found my way to Swallow hotel, took a metro from newcastla central st. to jesmond hotel.Taking the metro in newcastle makes me forget that i am in the Uk, it really looks like those metro in Europe

Had dinner on my own, taking photos of each of my dishes for dinner, nothing else better to do you see, even took a photo of myself using my 3G camera phone. I enjoyed the food, had cream of mushroom for starter, salmon and mussel in white wine sauce and chocolate torte. Full, more on the hips and waist. Ha! Well, at least i don't have to worry what to cook and i don't have to wash,

had a guilty trip to the gym, too full to be on the treadmill. Documentary was on the TV on spiders, how they use their silk to build their web, some even with three dimension web , and also how they mate and how silk was used to carry and protect their newborn. Amazing world that God has created. Like Wajid, my colleague said to me : " people look at the amazing creation and say wow, this is beautiful, they praise the creation. But people forget to praise the CREATOR who creates such amazing beautiful world. How does the lava know that 16 degree is the temperature for them to hatch? Who puts all this in order?" a good reminder for me that i am so small .. When I consider your heavens,
the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
which you have set in place,

4 what is man that you are mindful of him,
the son of man that you care for him?

5 You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings
and crowned him with glory and honor. Psalm 8

Thursday :
Epact , a software that summarises GP's prescribing and trend
dead boring, had difficulty keeping myself awake. The man who taught was alright, but i was just bored.
went to the gym after lesson,treadmill, steam room, sauna, had a nap, put on a mask and did my facial as well. Dead hungry but the restaurant only opens at 8 30 pm ! Dead hungry, called Ming kim, chat for a while. He is under stress, boss scolded him with foul language, not behaving professionally, not happy at his job. Encouraged him to write a complaint letter if he can't take it anymore. We are all adults now and should be respected. There is this notice board in the tube station that says that underground staff will not tolerate any verbal or physcial abuse. Why should we? I haven't changed much, i just learn and realised that we should treat each other with respect, from the CEO of the company to the housekeepers. We are all equal regardless of what we do. We need each other okay. If my boss ever shout at me with foul language, i will not do the same to him, i will keep cool and give him verbal warning that i don't like to be treated this way. To be honest, being in the NHS, it happens less, at least to my limited knowledge.
Dinner was not as great as last night, but no complain, a bit sick of english food, so creamy and fillinf and fattening.. aiya....

more interesting at training, learning new stuff, took train back to london. Train was late, took my sony camera and snap photos of the train station for about 45 minutes. Starving, had whooper junior, miss my rice already..realised that camera is my faithful friend. It has been a while since i travelled alone, good to be alone at times.
Called Angel on the train, yea her name is angel, she is going back to Ipoh for an operation on her spinal cord, taking the screws out. Poor girl, about my age, but told me she found her man. Good for her. Always enjoying catching up with friends. Wonderful feeling.Good to be back in London, watched HK Soap... slept.

Saturday: MCC meeting
Went to Uncle Tony;s house for Malaysian Christian Conference committee meeting, good to meet and discuss and organise this annual event. Haven't made my decision as to stay the whole conference or not, feel bad, since i am one of the committees. Shared with Markjit on the way home about my feelings on unfulfilled and my struggles.Home and more soap. Finished one finally. Enjoyed it, nice plot, same theme : Why does the evil flourish and get away with everything while the righteous ones suffer and die. Reminds me of psalm.
Receive e-mail from lexin, feel good to be in touch with old friends, been in school with her from the age of 7 to 17. =)

Sunday: Children ministry
Spent the morning at children church, might volunteer and help out in the children sunday school starting next year. They need people to help out. Not sure i can handle BBC kids, no offence, but they are brought up very differently from my generation. I will try.

2pm: Second hand mini-sale
Church organised this mini-sale to raise fund for our church. Enjoyed myself, as i was selling necklace, rings and earings. woman... need to praise them so much before they want to spend �1 on the handmade rings.. but i enjoyed chatting and persuading them =)

Good weekend

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