Friday, 30 December 2005

Events Last Weekend

have to write this before i forget how my 26th birthday was celebrated, for my reference when i turned 40.

Friday 23rd : Dinner at Savoy Grill, horrible food, despite one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, he wasn't the chef obviously. STILL, his deputy was very irresponsible to cook such salty food ! I could cook better than him. Only the non-alcaholic cocktail was good. Sad... paid �160 for two of us, without wine. The taster menu worth �60 but was a disgrace to Gordon Ramsay. *sigh* My life is so miserable without good food.

Saturday 24th : Woke up late, London eye in the afternoon, but was dark at 430. Booked for 330 for the tour with the tour guide ,didn't enjoy his presence much actually. was late because the ticket collection machine wasn't working, so delayed due to long queue. Took few photos, wasn't spectacular to me at least, a bit boring actually. Never mind, my extended birthday celebration since i was working the whole of my birthday on Friday. Snap few photos on London eye then searched for restaurant. Most chinese restaurant at China town was closed, had dinner at a japanese restaurant at Brewer Street. Food was better than Savoy. Surprise surprise *duh*

Things didn't turn out well, quite "unforgettable" almost everything went wrong..
No flowers, no good food, no pleasant ride.

But joy comes with the morning... tada.. 25th Christmas day ...

Steamboat at Angus place: terry, sammie, sandra, bernard, angus, rachel, me, albert, lay hui.
Great Company, what else can i ask for?

Guess what? I learnt how to play mah jong this year Christmas. Terry and Sammie won most of the time. I managed to win few times la.. but quite fun.

Then game: male Vs femal : act in silence, and guess movie's name. Great Fun!!!! Love it !!! Male couldn't guess "Philadephia", Albert tried to act this out by spreading butter on his bread.. obviously the closest they could get was butter. They revenged by giving us "ShawShank Redemption" obviously we couldn't guess.
Had a good time.

Dinner, then Shrek 2, Hilarous!! watching with the whole group of friends.

Surprise Surprise.. after movie.. tada.. Candles and cake... yeah =) Prefer celebrating my big day with a group of close friends.

Enjoyed my day with friends.. Guess i like being in a community.

Another week.. it's friday again.. i am going to MCC now.. have a blesse year


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