Friday, 18 November 2005

Reading and sitting

Another week at work , i am still at induction week of sitting and reading. I am not complaining, i know i will be busy then. The highlight of this week is meeting Vivian, a pre-registration pharmacist from hospital who is here with us for her attachment. She introduced me to the world of HK TVB Soap and my favourite game show. I love watching HK Soaps. They are very entertaining, especially after a whole day of work.

I look forward to weekend, song leading this Sunday. I am going to share about God showing me His grace and His love for the people around me when my faith wavers. First is the transformation of my sister-in-law's life, from a non-christian to a believer who trust in the Lord with all her heart, from a conflicting relationship with my mum to a close loving caring relationship with my mum because of what Christ has done in her life. Second person is the life of my high school mate, Chin hor . All this goes to show God never gives up on me, encouraging me when i am discouraged, reminding me of his presence in His absence.

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