Tuesday, 29 November 2005


I would like to share this news especially with Kiameng . I have been healed by GOD, but not through a blinding light from heaven. I have had problems with my stomach, ie gastritis for many years, since the age of 17. It got worse when i came to UK. When i shared needs with KMeng when he was in London, he would pray for healing for me, eventhough i didn't believe in instant healing in myself.

I went to see my GP and he couldn't find what was wrong with me, ( i wished he could). My friend, who is a gastro consultant did a gastroscope on me, but couldn't find any ulcers. I was diasappointed as there was no treatment for me. I felt very hopeless and considering that i am so young ( ahem), i felt worst. I was furious when my GP said i had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is a cluster of symptoms which doesn't fall into other diagnosis label. No wonder i was irritated with him.

When i was in Hong Kong, i decided to try chinese medicine, since i have tried every single "western" medicine available in UK. She finally found out what was wrong with me and i drank bitter chinese herbal medicine which i boiled at 1 am in HK. I was then healed. I am fine now.

Moral of the story for me : God is not found in thunderstorms, (eventhough sometimes he chooses to ) , but more often he is found in whispers and in silence. Above all, he is found in our mundane life.

Thank you Kia meng, for all those precious unforgettable prayer moments. Two of my prayers were answered unexpectedly!

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  1. Glad you're all OK now, Irene. We all take health for granted until we get sick usually. And being ill really sucks!

    Goodbye to horrid stomach bugs! :)


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