Thursday, 24 November 2005

Black Lies?

Completed 20 episode of HK soap which i never stopped laughing. A love and hate story about divorced coupole who met each other three years later with hate and then love. Reason for their separation was misunderstanding. The The man overheard his wife conversation with her ex, but he didn�t listen to the whole story, misunderstood her and divorced. Something we do or face everyday. I must admit, I am still learning about the art and skill of listening, especially my male friends. They say something and expect me to read between the lines, which is not my strength ( I am a �what you see is what you get� person you see) .

Back to my story, with them, their feelings for each other grew. The man told her some white lies in the process of winning her back. My thoughts are, what makes a lie white and what makes a lie black? I think telling lies hurt other�s feelings, which is why we learnt that telling lies is wrong in school. To me, there is no such thing as white lies and the end doesn�t justify the mean. Moreover, one lie will lead to the other, and that include white lies.

Same conclusion: We all know this, we just need to LIVE it out, don�t we?

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