Tuesday, 16 August 2005

pictionary finally

I had a great sunday. After church, we had lunch with harvesters, terry, sammie, aileen and stephen (new members of the church), Dai fu, Adrian and family, Irene Lau and rod, me and Albert. We had a big laugh, just talking about anything and joke about things that don't make sense... a good laugh for all of us and a cheap dimsum lunch �6 per person.

Following that went back to church, practice with daifu as he is songleading next sunday. After the session, terry, sammie and daifu and i went over to albert's place and played taboo, both in chinese and english and pictionary. Had so much fun. I had always wanted to buy pictionary, now that albert has it, we can play at his place. Then went to Nyonya res. at notting hill for dinner with li ping, sean, terry and sammie and albert. Again, had a good laugh about la ta li la ta li ta pong.. haha.

I am really happy because i get to play games and have a good laugh. Thank god for friends like them. I am indeed blessed.

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