Thursday, 20 January 2005

Cross Road

I am at a cross road again. Two interviews on 25th of January, both are senior pharmacist position, one in my hospital and the other in North essex.I am not worried, just anticipating the surprises that God has for me. Life is full of possibilities because my God is a god of possibilities. I prefer the home visits job in North Essex, but i don't mind staying in my current hospital for a bit longer. By my own wisdom, i can't decide, i just leave it to God and let him open The door that He wants me to go. There are two more positions in my hospital as well.

Well, i wonder what is the outcome of my story...what will i be doing? i don't enjoy my job at the moment, feel like a robot, don't want to be too emotionally involved. Job is only a job as they say, not an end in itself, just a means to an end. Yes, but i don't even know what the end is.. i am in a TRANSITION period...

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