Friday, 17 September 2004

Thank you for Your Encouragement

Each time i wanted to give up my profession as a pharmacist, i was being encouraged. Two things happened this week that motivated me to persevere. Thank God for insight. First was my ward visit. A registrar (training to-be consultant) saw me and asked for advice for the choice of painkiller for her patient after the current tablets not able to control her pain. Suggesting the options to her gave me a buzz. I felt i was valued.

Second was my friend who was exhibiting symptoms of mania. I am a psychiatric pharmacist, i work with people who are mentally ill. Having heard of my friend exhibiting those symptoms has struck me that this is real. It's very near me. I prayed for her and i make sure that she received proper psychiatry treatment. I realised that my job is no longer insignificant. Something that become part of my life is unusual for others. Now i begin to see a glimpse of hope and i shall persevere. I am still hanging in there... although i am still looking beyond this box. I want to be in a job that i don't feel that it's a job. Is it possible? or i am just being ideal? I am still waiting patiently for that *one day* to arrive.

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