Thursday, 9 September 2004


Help! i am persevering and living on God's grace to get by everyday of my job. I don't like my current position, i don't like doing mundane job of checking prescription,placing medication in the right boxes. I want to give up pharmacy, i want to fly.... to a job that i can wake up to and look forward to ....

why do i not like my job ? Part of it is because it's a very knowledge based profession. A lot is based on evidence from clinical trials and dose range. I want to work with people, not information, i want to talk to people and help them. I want to listen to their problems and pray for them.

Lord, show me and guide me to the path that you have prepared for me. Give me joy so that i have the strength to go through each day. I need your grace. Hear my prayers lord and save me.

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