Tuesday, 7 September 2004

climbing a mountain

Hello all, sorry for my long silence. I have a lot of stories to tell but accessing the internet is quite a problem for me lately.

I went to Budapest, Hungary on 1st of September till 5th September with Cubillas, Thian Poh,Julian andYvonne.We celebrated Cub's birthday on the 2nd in a local restaurant, great food, champagne and hungarian sponge cake as b'day cake. We played story telling game and it was really funny. That was the first day, the joy and fun continued for the subsequent days. All in all, it was an excellent experience of great company and place and not forgetting food. I am eternally grateful to my heavenly Father who has kindly given me this precious moments going on a trip with a group of people. It's a dream come true for me. It's hard to travel in a group now that i am working, especially group of christians who can get along and have the same interest in travelling. All four of us are working and hence we chilled out a lot in our trip, sat there and watched sunset. We didn't want to hurry our way, just wanted a relaxing holiday, which we did.

I was sad that moments like this have to come to an end. The sad news is that i dropped my laptop during my trip and all my photos are not retrievable, at least for now. I hope my friends can help me and God will be gracious to me to grant me a miracle.....

The price to pay for mountain top experience is going downhill. I was a bit depressed on monday in pharmacy, a bit disillusion, didn't like my job., I guess the challenge for me is to see the light in my job and make the most out of it while waiting for God for further guidance and direction for my life. I am persevering and be faithful in what God has called me to do NOW.

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