Friday, 20 August 2004


Hello.. good to be back in UK.Subconsciously, i have made UK my home. Where is home? where my parents are? where my childhood were? where i am most comfortable? I made UK my home because this is where i feel comfortable and at ease. I no longer miss Malaysia as a place, i enjoy my life in the UK, well at least for now. Yeah, for now, I would not like to go back to Malaysia for good. What do i like about UK? i can't really give you a solid reason. Maybe it's because i meet lots of people whose culture are very different from me.

Believe it or not, i actually miss UK when i was in China. Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed my time in china. It was those moments when i was bitten by mosquitoes and sweating that i missed UK. China is a very special and unique place for me. I am chinese but i am not. My students asked me whether i am a mixed, i said my grandparents are from china.It's a very unique feeling. I even have mixed feelings towards china as a place and their culture.I can identify part of me with them, but another part of me feel so far from them.

Nonetheless, i will go to china next year, hopefully to teach english again, perhaps in a rural village near the mountains...

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