Thursday, 22 July 2004


sorry Chris.. from tokyo.. for not updating my blog.. been really busy lately..

  My first on-call week in my current job was bad.. on-call meaning i have a mobile phone with me where the hospital can call me whenever patient's medication is concern. They can call me anytime, 24 hours for the whole week. I got called at 630 am on Saturday , 7 am on Sunday morning and 630 am on Monday.Reasons: alarm was off... but was alright later. Was on the phone at 11 pm on Saturday night, arranged taxi to another hospital to borrow medicine from them. I was frustrated.. but it's good that i am on-call, they stretch my patience. Need a lot of God's grace not to be frustrated.

  Can't belive i will be flying to china tomorrow. I will be at Guangxi for 2 weeks, teach english to the kids, and will stop by at Hong Kong for 2 days before flying back. Will have to wake up at 6 am tomorrow to catch the tube. Haven't done any packing.. will be doing that tonight, will sleep early... and hopefully, i will not miss the flight tomorrow.

   will update you after i am back.ta =) say a prayer for me.. especially safety. Cheers

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