Wednesday, 16 June 2004

Price to Pay for going uphill

Had great fun cycling in New Forest with the Southampton CF bunch... not forgetting the yummy huge roast lamb shoulder that i shared with Yue Ting. He sliced it and i ate it.. haha good fun cycling in the Real forest.. my first time and also time of listening to Eric, cooking for Muan Hong, Karen and Chong Yew-roast beef with mushroom sauce... dinner was great too.. had chinese with vincent and the rest...

The price for all these fun...? the downhill depressed mood on Monday.. Grace is sufficient.. made an error in my job.. but took it quite well.. not wounded.. followed by a comforting dinner with Cubillas.. eventhough he didn't relaly bandaged my wound, he advocated that i need salt to clean the wound.. which he did apply salt on my wound *ouch*

Good journey i would say.. and God is good and faithful.... i am waiting... waiting to embark on an exciting journey....

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