Monday, 21 June 2004


I am in the right house with the perfect housemates! Three ladies with the same passion: F.O.O.D. My weekend revolved around food. Ying is from china and Grace is from Sibu, Sarawak and me KL. Grace loves dumpling and Ying makes one of the best around. Well, you can guess what is gonna happen next. Ying made the dumpling, including the wrap, from scratch.Both of us spent Saturday afternoon preparing the dumpling. In the evening, I went to Shuwen�s place with Shi Soong, my secondary school friends for dinner for Hainanese Chicken Rice, reached home at midnight.

What�s on the menu tonight? My household had dinner together, Ying made �Bao� this time, with her authentic meatballs and other dishes, quite different from our Malaysian Chinese food. We spent whole evening making bao, and of course eating. All in all, it was a delicious weekend.

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