Thursday, 15 April 2004


Relax Irene! my colleague echoed. I no longer know how to make friends. My mind is blank when i meet someone new. Well, to a certain extent, it takes two hands to clap. I sometimes feel bad that i cannot hold a conversation. i am quiet. I can't talk crap like i used to. I hate talking about others as well. So, in the end, i try very hard to find a topic of conversation.Sometimes my colleagues say i am very quiet. This is how i am, because i have nothing to say, as simple as that. I realise that we are so used to noise and voices that we become uncomfortable when it is silent.

I feel bad about my silence sometimes, because that was not my intention. I would like to bridge the gap between you and me, but i don't know how apart from prayers.....I have learnt not to speak carelessly, for words carry weight, words accomplish things, words hurt and words edify. Damage done is irreversible and i am afraid to kill my fellow beings with my words.

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