Monday, 1 March 2004


Met this hairstylist who highlighted my hair on my way home, in the tube. Invited him to my place and have a chat, it was about 11 pm. Guess what? He left at almost 4 am and took the night bus.He was freezing in the cold!

So, what did he talk about? His passion in earning millions.It's good to listen to him and admire his determination to live out his dream. Unlike small me, with no dream to achieve....

Millionaire... never cross my mind at all to become one.To be financially stable yes.. well, after thinking about it these few days, one passage in the bible hit me... about godliness with contentment.By the end of the day, wealth comes from God and it's up to Him to bless me and i have everything in Christ, so i am sorted! =)

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